Monday, March 16, 2009

PC controlled pinball machine (Project Overview)

Here's my first post. Blogging kind of goes against everything i stand for, but im doing this cool pinball project thing at home, and thought i might write about what im doing and how im doing it to help other people who might want to try something similar.

I aquired an old q-berts quest pinball playfield from the local pinball people and decided that i wanted to turn it into a coffee table. Bear in mind it was the playfield only, with a heap of components and wires etc on it. These wires had all been unceremoniously chopped off where they would have gone into the cabinet to be controlled/powered etc.

(the playfield as i got it)

Initially all i wanted to do was control the lights so i could plug my coffee table in and have it light up. From there it grew into a desire to control the lights using code. I found the pinmame-hw site ( and started playing around with electronics and things, and it kind of just grew from there.

As i get around to writing more - ill go through all the different stages of the project to date, how I accomplished them and any problems/issues I had to overcome.

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